-Justin Stansbury-

Owner of @Crossroads Music Academy in South Tampa

Former Tour Manager | Agent @teethcutter

Let me be who I am.
And let me kick out the jams

Sith Lord
Avid reader
Lover of all things horror
I try to be a good man

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Let me be who I am, and let me kick out the jams

"The MC5 is a whole thing. There is no way to get at the music without taking in the context of the whole music too. There is no separation. The MC5 is totally committed to the revolution as the revolution is totally committed to driving people out of their separate shells and into each others arms. The music is the source and effect of our spirit to flesh and we demand a free music, a free high energy source that will drive us wild and into the streets of America yelling and screaming and tearing down everything that will keep people as slaves. They eat together, fuck together, get high together, walk down the street and through the world together. We are the lonely desperate people pulled apart by the killer forces of capitalism and competition, and we need the music to hold us together. Go wild, the world is yours, take it now, and be one with it. Kick out the jams motherfucker, and stay alive with the MC5."